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Mr. Jack, Revised Edition, Now Available

This year of New Editions continues along. It's not just miniatures games that are getting them, some board games are getting them as well. Asmodee and Hurrican have released the new, revised version of Mr. Jack. It's everything you love about the original, but with an updated look and board.


In the game, the nefarious Jack is on the loose. The cops are after him, but Jack has infiltrated the police force and is impersonating one of them. Anybody could be the real Jack, so everyone is suspect. Jack's looking to escape. If he can evade detection for 8 rounds, or manage to get off the board through the dark alleyways, he'll be gone for good. The investigators will have to work together, but at the same time, can't be too trusting of each-other if they want to bring Jack to justice.

This new version is available now.