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Mountaintop Games Bringing The Primary Game to Kickstarter

Just about all of us feel we know what the country really needs to fix all its problems. So we'd love to become the president and make sure things go right this time. But first, you've gotta be elected. That's what you'll be looking to do in The Primary, a new board game coming from Mountaintop Games that they will be launching on Kickstarter later this year.

From the website:

The Primary is a light, election-themed game where each player is a candidate during a United States presidential primary election. Over the course of the game, players campaign across the country – gaining influence, running advertisements, lobbying to Super PACs, and more – all in the hopes of winning the most delegates. Simultaneous action, area control, and action programming mechanics keep each round exciting until the very end! We hope to launch The Primary on Kickstarter in 2017.