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Mother Russia is here

Grand Maneouvre has new 6mm paper Russians that they've added to their collection. And now you can add them to your collection, too.


From the release:

The Russians have arrived…

I`ve just uploaded my new 6mm Paper Russian Napoleonic Army on our website.
It has line infantry; Musketeers, Jagers, Line Grenadiers and Guard Grenadier infantry.
For skirmishing light infantry the pack comes with Jagers and Musketeers skirmishing and in formed reserves too.
Cavalry units include: Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Hussars and Cossacks
As with the other armies, there are deployed and limbered foot and horse artillery with four-, or six-horse gun teams.

The other armies already there of course are… French, British, Spanish, Portuguese and Austrian-Hungarians.

Each army costs only £5 and being able to make any number of units from the downloads, these army packs will provide many wargamers (not just beginners) the opportunity to acquire and play with large armies on a very low budget.

1812-15 Prussians will follow in the coming month or two.