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Mother Of All Battles (M.O.A.B.) coming at the end of September

Mother of all Battles is coming to Sydney at the end of September and they want you to be a part.

From the announcement:

MOAB: Mother of all Battles has been running annually for over 20 years as a Fantasy and Historical miniatures convention.

It is held in Sydney, Australia and run by the Southern Battlegamers gaming club.

Each year there are multiple tournament events over a wide range of gaming systems and in recent years these have drawn more than 280 competitors each year. These competitions are limited to 11 years and over and are the only events to have an entry fee. Our tournament games include Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Blood Bowl, Fields of Glory, DBA, Flames of War, Horde of the Things, Malifaux and Infinity.

Entry to the convention hall is FREE and the convention hosts retailer stalls from all over Australia as well as a 2nd hand Bring N Buy stall and an on-site canteen.

For any visitors (or competitors with spare time) there are participation games (with FREE ENTRY) and demonstration games running throughout the entire convention, ranging from large scale battles to fun games for the kids (or kids at heart).

The participation and demonstration games this year include:

Space Hulk
Bolt Action – Saving Private Ryan
Infinity, Malifaux and MERCS introduction games
Command and Colours
7 Years War
- Fictional Prussians vs French
- Battle of Zondorf
Napoleonic Battle
Home-brewed Dungeon Bash
Two tables with assorted board and card games