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Mote, a newer and friendlier Virtual Tabletop

Idle Ideas Inc. is running a Kickstarter campaign for Mote, their new virtual tabletop program.


From the campaign:

Our project is a non-profit effort to bring our vision of a Virtual Tabletop community to life.

Mote, in a nutshell, is a free and open software development project centered around a Virtual Tabletop built on top of MapTool, which is, quite possibly, the most widely known, and respected open-sourced VTT project of its kind. Mote does everything MapTool can do, but better, and it can do many things beyond MapTool's frozen feature set.

Mote is heavily enhanced, with a cleaner interface, an intuitive control scheme, the latest bug fixes, and chock full of features relevant to the VTT user base.