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'Most Wanted from Kromlech' event launches today

Kromlech wants you to write them an email titled 'Most wanted from Kromlech' and suggest a model/accessory/bit that you'd like us to make:

From their post:

Out of all emails that I receive in the next 14 days (until 20th of February), we will randomly pick three of you who will get $10 vouchers at our store. Most importantly though, we will pick three requests that we find the coolest, most innovative, most interesting and fun and we will actually produce them! The people who will have came up with these will each receive three copies of their wanted models as a reward and also will be credited as the idea-givers (eternal glory FTW!).

Each person is entitled to as many requests as they want, but they all have to be packed into one email, so make it count! Also, please, bare in mind that we have a fair number of projects and ideas of our own, so don't be suprised if your suggestion does not get picked, but is released in the future. It would only mean that we've had the same idea earlier!

In case of more than one person mailing the 'winning' request, the one which we have received first will be taken into account.

On the 27th of February, we will announce the lucky winners who got randomly picked as well as the names of people who stand behind the best ideas for future releases. The models will be kept secret for now, but don't worry, we will be very loud about them when their time comes.

A couple of suggestions for you:
-Don't limit yourselves to sci-fi only. We are open to expand our ranges to fantasy/steampunk/cyberpunk/whatever genre.
-Keep the ideas resonalbe. No matter how cool would it be to get three massive orc war robots of doom for free, we probably will not ever release anything of this size, so the more realistic your idea is, the bigger are chances of it getting picked.
-Tell us why do you think your idea is good. Is there a gap in the market? Does it reek awsomness? Or are you maybe simply missing this particular bit to complete your collection? Any reason is good.

One more thing. The process of designing a model, sculpting it and preparing for production is sometimes lenghty and depending on the model's complexity, can take even months to complete. Please, do not expect us to release the models in a week from the competition's finale ;)

Hope, it all is clear. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to ask me here or via