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Moroz Publishing Relaunches Swords and Bagpipes Kickstarter

We all endure setbacks in our life. They're just a natural thing that we must overcome. We try. We don't succeed. We try again with new knowledge of the situation. That's what Moroz Publishing is doing with Swords and Bagpipes on Kickstarter. They had cancelled their first Kickstarter campaign and have since reconfigured and relaunched with a new campaign.

Swords Setup

In the game, you play as various characters set during the first war of Scottish Independence. Bluffing, intrigue, and guile are the names of the game as you look to work towards independence, but also to increase your own holdings. Sometimes you'll find yourself wanting to support the other side, if it means you'll get a little bit ahead. However, if the British get too strong, the whole rebellion may be in jeopardy and the win conditions for the game change. So bluff, but bluff smart.

The campaign is right around half-funded with still 23 days left to go.