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Morgalad Fantasy RPG Starterbook Now Free for Download

You guys know me. I love when companies post up the rulebook for their games for free on their website. That's a bit tougher for an RPG, as the rulebook is quite often all you've got for the game. That doesn't mean, though, that they can't post up a starter book to give you a taste of the setting and rules. That's just what McNabb Games has done with Morgalad. They've posted up a starter rules set for free.

So, what do you get in this introductory book? Well, there's the basic rules for the game (as one would expect) along with 2 basic, starting adventures you can take your 8 pre-generated characters on. You can pretty much get started playing as soon as you've sat down at the table.

And if the starter book intrigues you to look further, you can get the full rulebook over on the Morgalad website as well.