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More Zombies added to the VFM Zombie Horde

Victory Force Miniatures have added new figures to their VFM Zombie Horde deal. More zombies! From their announcement:
25 new Zombies have been added to the horde. The new zombies have been added to the existing VFM Zombie Horde Set. The number of the VFM Zombie Horde is now set at 100 (59 originals and 41 conversions of these originals) This means the Horde Set has been renamed Zombie Horde Set 1 in the Victory Store. And since there is a Zombie Horde Set 1 that means I will make a Horde Set 2. The new zombies will be added to the pile where the random selection zombie deal figures are taken from. This means less of a chance of repeats from a deal.