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More urban scatter from LaserCutCard

LaserCutCard expands your options for your tabletop with the release of new scatter terrain. These kits add that extra bit of terrain to your table to give you those extra hiding spots for your little mans. There's water towers, bridges, and some dumpsters and bins.


From the release:

This week we release two new projects, part of our “urban scatter” series. This is intended as a range of smaller items to block line of site or maybe serve as objectives or waypoints. At the very least, they will give some handy cover, especially on rooftops.

First off are the medium bridges.
There are two of these in a pack, each with a slightly different design. These are intended to span gaps between your existing buildings or else serve as ramps up onto them. They can accommodate bases up to 60mm wide and will span a distance of 130mm.

Then there is the water tower

This is intended for rooftops – to break line of sight across the table especially against very tall models like Giant Walking Robots and flyers.

It can be built with or without the walkway (in case the purist in you feels the walkway is too unrealistic)

The walkway is a tiny bit smaller than a standard 25mm base. The reason for this is we wanted the kit to fit into a DL envelope, meaning worldwide postage is only $1 per pack. This flat postage rate is the same for all three of the urban scatter kits – only $1 worldwide.

Prices as at January 2015

Urban Scatter dumpsters – $5.50
Bridges – $7.50
Water tower – $7.50

Postage: $1.00 worldwide