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More Unlocks and Add-Ons for Zombicide: Black Plague

There's less than a week left in the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter campaign. That generally means that we're about to see a big ramp up in backers and pledges, which means more unlocks and add-ons are coming. But that's not to say that there's been no action in the past couple days. Oh no, sir. There's still been plenty going on.

First, there's the stretch goals that have been passed. You've got yourself a couple heroes as well as something new: named Necromancers. These figures take the way normal Necromancers work and make things even more challenging with some special rules of their own, such as bringing along more zombies. Because if there's one thing Zombicide needed, it was more zombies.

Speaking of zombies, in the new add-ons, there's more zombies. Ranged zombies. Yeah. You thought you were safe if you just hung back a space or two from the ravenous hordes. Not so much. These zombies come equipped with bows and arrows so they can reach out and touch someone from a distance (a commercial jingle and a song reference in one sentence? Damn I'm good). Other add-ons include a base pack to help you distinguish certain types of zombies at a quick glance. There's also a new guest artist box from Edouard Guiton, for another cadre of survivors to add to your collective pool.

Just five days to go.