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More Unlocks and Add-Ons for The Others

Dice. We can always use more. I just bought some new ones the other day (the black Rum & Bones dice, to be specific) and when I posted a photo of them, a friend mentioned that he thinks he might have too many dice. I asked if "having too many dice is like being too ethical." Anyway, if you want to get some extra dice for your games of The Others, they have been added to the campaign. Also, thanks to that add-on, the Gamma Team, and more backers, all of the Lust set has now been unlocked.

So we're up to 4 sins in the main box for backers. More than halfway there to getting all of them. That's pretty good, but there's still more to go, obviously. But with more sins means you need more heroes to take them on. The campaign's next unlock will be one of those. Polly is ready to hit the scene and make sure those beings from another world don't ruin her good time.

19 days and counting.