More teams unlocked in Impact! Miniatures Kickstarter

Impact Miniatures has made it through several more sets of stretch goals in their Fantasy Football Kickstarter campaign.



From the campaign:

First ... thank you backers for another stretch goal unlocked. The Desert Dogs now have a Deluxe version available with a Djinn Ogre and the Divine Wind now have a Deluxe version available with the Oni Ogre. Both new Ogres are also available as add-ons for $11 each if you just want to pick them up outside of the team deal.

I also did some number crunching on what we can and cannot afford to offer with the KickStarter and below after the stretch goal we have 3 items we are immediately unlocking for having reached $32,000 as well.

What do we have for $33k?

The Necromicon team with a Deluxe version that gives you some massive big guys and a coach to go with the team. The Necromicon team is 18 players. 4 of them are large and powerful denizens of the HP Mythos and 1 other is definitely a great Big Guy by himself. This team makes a excellent Chaos or Samhaino inspired fantasy football team. At $33,000 we'll unlock this team as one of the ones you can pick for your rewards.