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More stretch goals posted for Arcadia Quest

Arcadia Quest is showing off some more of their stretch goals for their Kickstarter campaign. They're regularly breaking through them, so it's a good idea to check in on the campaign if you've not recently.


From the campaign:

Okay guys we’re closing in on $300K! Which means we’re right around the corner from unlocking the Kickstarter exclusive Hero Pluck!

After we hit $300K we’ll be heading towards our next two stretch goals! At $325 we’re adding monster cards that consist of core box monsters at different level than included in the box. The way the campaign is structured, not all monsters show up in all stages of it, so there's no need to have Monster cards of every monster depicted at every level. However, based on your feedback we'll add 8 extra Monster cards to all Arcadia Quest boxes to fill those gaps. This will allow you to use any monster at any level for your own homebrew scenarios!