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More Starport Denizens by Eli Arndt available from

Barking Irons is showing off some new Starport Citizens minis that are available from

From the release:

It's been a busy two weeks here at First we had the lauch of our sister brand The Ion Age and then we released the first two re-mastered Laserburn vehicles in resin. That kept us on our toes and no mistake. Today we are adding four new great miniatures to the SHM 15mm science fiction page on These four were sculpted by Eli Arndt ( Loud Ninja Games) and painted up by Sam Croes (The Ion Age) . Excellent additions to the Starport Denizens collection that Eli has been adding to for the past couple of years. There are now twenty six different miniatures in this part of the SHM, the majority of them designed by Eli. You can assemble a great collection of bizarre characters to go with any military force in your collection. Once more if it was not for the open policy of and the SHM range you might never have had the chance to get these fine sculpts.

You can get them as singles and also as a value pack.

From left to right SHM62 Varlish Envoy, SHM63 Numuan Orator, SHM64 Burgansian II and SHM65 Tandapash Musician.