More Starfleet Origins releases

Amarillo Design Bureau have posted details of more Starfleet Battles and Federation Commander releases available at Origins 2010.

Federation Commander Boosters

Federation Commander Boosters
More ships for War & Peace. Three more of our hot-selling booster pack series bring extra ships for the latest module.

  • Booster Pack #28 has eight more Vudar ships, SKU 4228, $9.95.
  • Booster Pack #29 has eight more ISC ships, SKU 4229, $9.95.
  • Booster Pack #30 has eight more Andromedan ships, SKU 4230, $9.95.
  • Each booster includes a specific set of ships including at least one new one.

Don’t Forget Our Primary Origins Releases

  • War & Peace SKU #4108, $29.95 Three new empires come to Federation Commander: the Vudar, ISC, and Andromedans. Player excitement is high.
  • SFB R12: Unusual Ships SKU #5633, $27.95 Over a hundred new starships come to Star Fleet Battles.