More Pulp action in the Iron Ivan Games store

Lair of Kong FangIron Ivan Games have added a Where Heroes Dare! game-aid and campaign release to their online store.

From their announcement:
The Where Heroes Dare! Dossier is now available in the Iron Ivan Games store. Want something to take the work out of Character creation? Want to create a slew of minions quickly to fill an evening’s adventure? Well the Dossier is the perfect tool. The Dossier is a .pdf file with built in functionality to calculate a Character with drop down menus for choices and smart fields to record data. You will still need the WHD! book, but only for reference when using the Dossier which has the choices for Character creation contained within. Priced at just $3 and sized the same as a 3″ x 5″ card, you could start building your own Pulp Dossier files today.

But wait, there’s more:

The last and final Chapter of the Shield of the Gods .pdf, Where Heroes Dare! Campaign is complete and now in the Iron Ivan Games store. Captain Achilles and his stalwart gang take the fight to Kong Fang’s door, deep beneath the earth! 15 Pages covering the ultimate showdown complete with Character lists, table map, scenario rules, and all the insidious secrets buried in the Caverns of Fang. What is the Ritual that Kong Fang is trying to complete? What secrets do the mercury pools hide? What is Jade Spear of Sun Tzu? Find out all this and more in The Lair of Kong Fang, Where Heroes Dare!

To Be Continued…