More “Project N” information from Mongoose

Mongoose Publishing have posted more information about their Call To Arms based space combat game code-named Project N.

From their website:

Playtesting for Project N, the new A Call to Arms space fleet combat game, has kicked into a new gear as we have finally ironed out some of the persistant wrinkles (the equivalent of a Skirmish level game going on for three hours being one such problem in the original draft!).

I have just seen a few of the first painted models, and they look scrummy, and I can’t wait to see some full fleets floating about the office (sometimes, life is hard at a games company…). The core fleets are being balanced right now, and then we will start working on all the auxiliary ships. We have worked out the format of both the main rulebook and the fleet box sets, though not the final content (the latter are going to be very good value for money at around the $29.99/£20 mark), so it appears we are well on schedule! You can see a few spoilers on our forums in the Other Miniatures Games section, under the ‘ACTA I Want’ thread.

They also posted a list of changes from the previous Call To Arms rules in their forum.