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More Previews For Star Wars: Rebellion Posted

As the week continues on, we have yet another preview for the upcoming Star Wars: Rebellion board game from Fantasy Flight Games. We've taken a look at how heroes work. We've seen a bit about how combat works. But how do you get those heroes and units in the first place? That's what we get a look at today.

The "Refresh Phase" (I feel like this phase should come with a sprig of mint...) is where the previous phases have their results fully felt in the game, as well as prepping for the next round. As such, while the other phases, such as combat, might be short on rules, but long on time spent playing, the Refresh Phase (ah, mint!) gives you lots of options for what you can do, and various mini-phases within it. It starts with getting your Leaders back from on the board. However, the Rebel players must be cautious, as it's possible for the Imperial player to capture your leaders. And, sure, they can only hold one captured leader at a time, but they can also do things like encase them in carbonite or turn them to the Dark Side. In other words, the Rebels need to be pretty cautious about where their Leaders end up on the board.

This is also where the Imperial player sends out probe droids in order to search for the hidden Rebel base. It's also where the Rebel player draws an objective card that they will hopefully use to garner more sympathy to their side. Also, the time marker moves ahead on the board.

As for units, they slide one space down on the Build Queue. Obviously, Star Destroyers and X-Wings and such don't just pop into existence overnight. These things take time. So you have to make sure and plan ahead for what you want as part of your force several turns in advance. Otherwise, you might find yourself trying to fight a war with no armies. Of course, you will hopefully be finishing certain units. Those on the "1" space on the Build Queue can now be deployed.

So yeah, lots of things to do, but they're all fairly simple, quick steps.