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More New Judge Dredd releases available at Warlord Games

Warlord Games have a bunch more Judge Dredd releases available now over in their webshop.


From the release:

We now have a several new releases for the Judge Dredd miniatures game!

First of all we have two of East meg's most dangerous inhabitants and their appearance is sure to spell doom and destruction for the Mega-Cities! We also now have the Judges of the World available individually!

After years of meticulous planning, Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East Meg One launched the Apocalypse War against Mega-City One. Through the use of nukes, the Apocalypse Shield and a full scale invasion under Warmarshal Kazan, Mega-City One was subjugated quickly, with half of its 800 million citizens killed.

Orlok the Assassin, is an operative of East Meg One. He was responsible for spreading the Block Mania contaminant via the water supplies of Mega City One, inciting ’block wars’ to destabilise the city prior to the Apocalypse War. He has subsequently been a thorn in the side of the world’s Justice Departments.

Through the heroic actions of a handful of judges, Mega-City One was able to finally win the war, destroying East Meg One in the process. However, there are many in East Meg Two, including Orlok who plan revenge against the west…

Electro-cordons are tall, automated units that generate a powerful, highly-charged force field used to protect Justice Department facilities from trespassers. They also feature prominently in block wars, where they can be used to hold back or corral rioting citizens very effectively.

Electro-cordons can be fielded as Mercenaries by Justice Department forces – they also make great pieces of terrain in their own right, adding more Mega-City feel to your tabletop!

We also have plastic terrain in the form of this Deadzone scenery pack - great for Judge Dredd games as well as many other uses!

Check out the rest of our range for the Judge Dredd game...