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More Mutant Plants from the Wasteland

Skirmisher Publishing has released issue 36 of Wisdom From the Wastelands for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

In real life, we take plants for granted. Stretching out on the grass on a summer’s afternoon, leaning back against a gnarled oak with a good book (or your favorite device), watching the kids twirl the tire swing slung from a sturdy branch — these things don’t happen in Mutant Future. The grass spits acid, the oak bites, and … it is better not knowing what’s going to happen with that tire. Continuing from issue #34, our first installment in the Plants series, this edition provides a little more variety to fill the leafy gaps in your post-apocalyptic herbarium. We’ll start with a few other real-world botanical concepts to help Mutant Lords design their own hazardous greenery and include some examples of these in the main body.