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More mood music

Motion Picture and Sound is running a Kickstarter campaign for RPG 3.0, their new soundtrack for your gaming sessions.


From the campaign:

RPG Music Moods is happy to announce our newest collaboration with music producer Dave Gelting. Dave will be creating the music for RPG 3.0. For more information about Dave see his biography below.

RPG 3.0 has ten tracks that are 10 minutes long and loops seamlessly in your favorite music device. We've produced 4 tracks (demos below) and we're looking to raise funds to make the complete RPG 3.0 ten track collection.

RPG 3.0 is offering tracks for Commercial Use. You can pledge for a 1 track license and also receive the RPG 3.0/ bonus tracks. I you would like to license more than one track for Commercial Use please send us a message.