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More Marlburian releases from Khurasan

Khurasan returns to their historical lines with more Marlburian releases. They've got both cavalry and artillery.


From the announcement:

We are very pleased to release our latest 18mm codes for the War of the Spanish Succession, French cavalry and artillery.

The French cavalry are the so-called "Light Cavalry" who were in fact the line cavalry of the army. We have had them depicted with swords as well as with pistols because some rules sets may distinguish their tactics, said to have emphasized the pistol more than the sword upon impact. Having models depicted with pistol in hand is a useful way to represent that, or alternately they can be used to show distinctions in morale grade, or simply to offer more pose variety.

A command set for the "light" cavalry is available as well.

We've also released a first artillery set, representing a medium field piece and five crewmen -- cannoniers and officers. These are suitable for French but may be used for several other nations as well.

Sculpted by Mike Broadbent, painted by Rafa. All are available now. Next up will be French marshals and general officers, as soon as they are painted! Hot on their heels will be Bourbon Spanish infantry, then Spanish cavalry and after them the Dutch.