More Legion of the Damned figures on Advance Order

By tgn_admin
In 40K
Jan 5th, 2010

Games Workshop have added several new packs of 40K Legion of the Damned figures to their Advance Order page.


Damned Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
This Legion of the Damned Sergeant, armed with bolt pistol and power sword, is an ideal alternative to the Sergeant found in the Legion of The Damned Squad box and comes with his own unique back-banner.

Damned Legionnaire with Flamer
Able to Deep Strike and with multiple Attacks, your Legion of the Damned squads are likely to be in the thick of the fighting. Even the odds against horde armies with this flamer armed Legionnaire.

Damned Legionnaires 3
This pack of two Damned Legionnaires with boltguns is ideal for adding extra members to your Legion of the Damned squad.

Damned Legionnaires 4
Add additional members to your Legion of the Damned squad with this set of two Damned Legionnaires armed with boltguns.