More Landsknechts from Artizan Design

Artizan Design have expanded their Landsknecht range with several new releases.

From their announcement:

The Artizan Design range of Renaissance figures expands with more Landsknechts released. The next packs include Pikemen attacking, Pikemen advancing and Arquebusiers firing and marching.

  • REN001 Landsknecht Command £5.00
  • REN002 Landsknecht Armoured Pikemen Standing £9.00
  • REN003 Landsknecht Unarmoured Pikemen Attacking £9.00
  • REN005 Landsknecht Unarmoured Pikemen Standing £9.00
  • REN004 Landsknecht Armoured Pikemen Attacking £9.00
  • REN006 Landsknecht Armoured Pikemen Advancing £9.00
  • REN007 Landsknecht Unarmoured Pikemen Advancing £9.00
  • REN008 Landsknecht Arquebus Firing £9.00
  • REN009 Landsknecht Arquebus Marching £9.00
  • AD-05 Landsknecht Regiment Advancing £18.45
  • AD-04 Landsknecht Regiment Attacking £18.45
  • AD-03 Landsknecht Regiment. £18.45

There are also two more regiment deals available.

The figures are 28mm and metal, supplied unpainted. They are not supplied with pikes, but we have been including the pikes with the regiment deals. The pikes we use are the North Star 100mm wire pikes, code NSS102, 80 for £8.00.

Figures in the photographs are painted and based by Dave Woodward.