More Landsknechts at Artizan Design

Artizan Design have released more 28mm Landsknecht figures.

Doppelsoldier 1 (1).jpg

From their announcement:
Two new packs of Landsknechts are now available from Artizan Design, expanding their range of Landsknechts to Eleven different packs.

The latest two packs are the Doppelsoldner. These were Landsnechts who were paid double the normal rate to take up the hazardous position of the front rank of the pike block, to use their two-handed swords to break up attacking enemy formations, lopping pike heads off and breaking into their ranks.

The Doppelsoldner could also form the rear rank, to keep the less experienced Landsknects going forward. We have added a regimental deal of the two-handed swordsmen. There is no historical precidence for this, but we have had requests for this regiment, couldn't possibly comment on what they might be used for. The figures are 28mm sized, metal and cost £9.00 for 8 figures.

The Artizan Design Landsknechts will be at Salute on the Dave Thomas stand, and US customers will be able to buy them from Lon at Brigade Games. Canadian customers can get them from Terry at North Bay Games and Australian customers will soon be able to get them from Ian at War and Peace Games.