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More Khaos Dwarf sculpt previews

Mantic Games continue their Khaos Dwarf week of previews with photos of more sculpts. Khaos Dwarf Wizard From their announcement:
Continuing on from yesterday, here are some more images for the Khaos Dwarf Lord’s War Conclave! Bob Naismith is in this afternoon, so we are just going over some final tweaks with him. Here is the Khaos Dwarf Wizard. Those of you who followed our last Khaos Dwarf Week will again see that he is based very closely around our concept art. We felt that this figure suggested wizard rather than our Lord or King, so we decided to go with that. This wizard, and the Khaos Dwarf Lord we showed yesterday are currently only available in our Gorgoth’s Colossal Legion of Terror and Gorgoth’s Legion of Terror army deals. Let us know what you think.