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More ISS concept art for MERCS

MERCS has some more concept art for us today. Check out the heavier-armor guys.

From the preview:

Yes I return to the forums as a new man.

We continue this week's ISS preview with the final renders for the cards.

ISS Myrmidon - First thing you need to know is that they are lethal in short range, just flat out devastating. My concept for them from the beginning was to play upon the flavors of the area, and I immediately gravitated towards the nature of the matador. ISS must close distance, but not let the opponent get in too close. They can fire at long-range, but this isn't their strength. Likewise, they have the ability to survive in H2H, but this isn't where you want to be. If a target is coaxed within two cards/short range, then whammo.

Luckily, ISS Corp Abilities make this happen sooner and considerably safer.