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More Guests Slated For CMON Expo 2016

It's another Friday (as in actually being a Friday. Not referencing the movie) and that means another CMON Expo 2016 update. This time around there's a special announcement about the event room rate at the Hyatt as well as a trio of new special guests that will be at the show.

In terms of the room rate, the folks over at CoolMiniOrNot have managed to get the booking time for the special room rate extended. You now have until the 13th (that's next Wednesday) to book in order to get the special rate.

As for the guests, there's 3 of them who have quite a lot of games under their collective production belts. There's Richard Launius who worked on such games as Arkham Horror 1st and 2nd Editions. Then there's Chris Miller who is the creator behind Chris Miller Games (makes sense). And then, the special Guest of Honor for the show, Bryan Pope is known as the founder of Arcane Wonders.

So yeah, quite a lot going on there. Another week down. Another week closer to CMON Expo 2016.