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More Exhibitors Announced for CMON Expo

CMON Expo approaches still. June will be here before you know it and it'll be time to party in downtown Atlanta with some great gaming going on.
We've announced 3 more vendors that will be coming to the show: Brush 4 Hire, Impudent Mortal, and The Witchborn. So we've got some terrain and accessories, along with a new skirmish game to check out.

From the announcement:

Hey there, everyone! CMON Expo 2015 gets closer and closer with each passing week, and each week the show gets more exciting with new events and exhibitors added to the show.
And this week is no different! We’re happy to announced another 3 vendors will be at the show!
They are:

Brush 4 Hire
Brush 4 Hire
Brush 4 Hire is a game studio specializing in Miniatures and Terrain for Wargaming. They are based in North Carolina in the USA but provide their service world-wide. See their original laser-cut terrain kits and hobby tools. They strive to make high quality products to enhance and assist your gaming and hobby.

Impudent Mortal
Impudent Mortal designs, develops and manufactures high quality laser cut MDF Terrain and gaming accessories for tabletop gaming that look great and are affordable. Their aim is to push the limits of what is possible with laser terrain by constantly testing new techniques and materials while staying true to their philosophy of listening to their customers feedback for developing new products.

The WitchBorn
The Witchborn
The WitchBorn is a fantasy skirmish game for 2-4 players. Play a game of vast scope based on simple mechanics. Each player starts by building a war clan of 8 Dwarves, Elves, Guild, Norn, Orcs, or Paladins. Adventures allow these warriors to battle other war clans and bloodthirsty WitchBorn on lush battlemaps. WitchBorn are warriors that die, but rise again as revenants to tear their brothers and sisters apart for the taste of warm, fresh blood.

That’s hardly the last of the announcements we’ll be having for the show! Be sure to keep an eye out for the next update.