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More Die Waffenkammer WWII vehicles at Great Escape Games

Great Escape Games gives you some more WWII vehicles. These are for the Americans and Russians.

From the release:

Added more US vehicles, the M4A3 (75mm) and White Scout Cars.

Plus, for the Soviets, the T-34/76 with late production turret and the very lovely SU-152 assault gun.

Die Waffenkammer vehicles are imported by us from JTFM in Quebec. The 28mm scale vehicles are cast in resin and are the most detailed and most crisply cast vehicles in this scale that you can buy. All come with extra stowage (often more than you know what to do with!) and many also come with crew figures.

We now stock 35 different vehicles in this range, with more to come in the next few days and an extra batch of new ones due in the coming weeks. Prices range from £12 for universal carriers, to £18 for hanomags and smaller tanks, to £20 for medium tanks and £22 for largest ones such as the Panther and IS-2.