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More Details Released about Bolt Action Summer Offensive

Warlord Games' Summer Offensive is almost upon us. This multi-week event for Bolt Action will allow players to track their games and have the totals be seen the world over, as each army vies to take over the map. The launch of the campaign is just a couple weeks away and Warlord Games gives us a deeper look into what you can expect.

The Summer Offensive will last for 6 weeks. Each week will correlate to a different year of WWII.
Week 1 – 1939 – 1940
Week 2 – 1940 – 1941
Week 3 – 1941 – 1942
Week 4 – 1942 – 1943
Week 5 – 1943 – 1944
Week 6 – 1944 – 1945

There will be special rules for each week's campaign games. Along with that, there will be special scenarios provided. After you play your games, simply log in and post your results. Your opponent will have to verify the results before they go official, but once they are, they will be added to the global totals. There will be special rewards for players who participate in the campaign, though they're playing close-to-the-chest as to what, exactly, those rewards will be.