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More Desteria Knights released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age expands their range with the release of some more Desteria Knights.


From the release:

IAF010 Desteria Demi Beta
This week we have the second code in our expansion of the original 28mm Desteria Knights into the brand new 15mm range on the Ion Age; Desteria Demi Beta! The super heavy infantry of the Prydian Precinct now have some backup following code IAF009 Desteria Demi Alpha two weeks ago. Wearing the thickest Noblesse powered armour and carrying the largest possible weapons that do not require an artillery or vehicle mount the Desteria are used for tasks just too tough for Retained Knights and the Muster. Code IA010 contains five brand new different white metal poses each with an Impact Fist (powered melee weapon) and either a Hermit 44mm Plasma Rifle or an Urgan 2 Bore auto-shotgun or a Valerin 9kw Laser Rifle. Each Desteria also sports a crest upon their helm. Desteria stand approx 24mm tall from sole of foot to top of crest. This code can be bought as single miniatures or in multiples for savings. Price per pack is 5.00GBP

The air inside his armour was foetid and no wonder; he had not opened its seals to the outside world in nearly a week. Noblesse powered armour was some of the finest in the Prydian Army and those worn by loyal Prydians was better maintained than that of the Marcher Barons on the whole. Baron Aldo Murdo had invested a small fortune in his own armour and it was outfitted with the finest of systems and superior alloys but even so the smell of recycled oxygen, recycled waste, of man, was started to affect him. To test his mental resolve. Combat was ever present and never ceasing. The Styx Legion had deployed what command estimated was some seven thousand Maligs in this zone and they were remorseless pests. To aid the Maligs in their attempts to seize the zone the Khanate had seeded hundreds of Venefirous Venters which seeped out crawling clouds of poisonous gas. Gas lethal to Humans but seemingly ineffectual upon the Goblinoid Khanate themselves.

Desteria are a hammer and to Aldo Murdo the Maligs were but an egg. The sheer might of his retinue of fifteen Desteria were ill suited to sniping at fleeting targets in a maze of ash clouded streets. This was a job best done by Muster but there were no Muster here and the line must be held. So for six days they had hunted, had sought and found the verminous green skinned Maligs blasting apart rubbacrete walls and being showered with shattered golglass. Knight Quinen had the best fortune with his Urgan auto shotgun but Murdo had a Sequence Particle Beamer for his primary weapon and the Maligs were just too quick to hammer with his Impact Fist. It was fortunate that there were no citizens left in Pelcan city as Murdo had demolished several dozen hab blocks shooting at the fleeting Goblinoids. A hammer for little green eggs.

Despite the thoughts on his mind and the terrible odour of internal air cycle only Aldo Murdo had been intent on his helm display the whole time watching the new movement to his front and on the overlaid contour grid of the status of his Sequence Particle Beamer. It was not good. The beamer was a precise weapon, a marvel of technology, lethal and terrifying to the foe but it did not like rough handling and more vitally it could not be given a maintenance shake down by its wearer while armoured or by anyone else nearby in Noblesse armour. It should still fire but each time he activated the firing protocol he knew that it might overload and then the foetid odour would be the least of his then fatally detonated problems. Trying to avoid using it would be paramount.

Fate has a way of forcing you into critical choices and the movement to Baron Aldo Murdo's front resolved itself into a tight knot of Nox Troopers all armed with Janus Blastguns. Not Maligs, not fleeting, not soft. He would need the beamer and he would need it to work just fine right now.

To be continued....

Baron Aldo Murdo, Camarthen Prime, 4331IC

Information Burst!
Thanks for your attention in this Ion Age notice. We are back to super heavy infantry after the two limited edition code releases (IAFL01, IAFL02) last week with another five poses. Now you can get a whole unique Post of ten on the field. So far no one has provided me an alternative 15mm limited edition science fiction code by another maker but several people have emailed The Ion Age stating they know of none; the search continues. Final note. Remember the current Kneeling Knight free miniature in all orders will be withdrawn at midnight on 30th September 2013 so you have only a few days to get another or your first one. Signing up with our website you will earn Reward Points on all purchases. Reward Points can be redeemed once accumulated for discounts on orders or special miniatures.

Thanks for your Time.