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More CMON Expo Photos

Well, Day 3 is coming to a close here at the CMON Expo 2015. It has been a great time. There's been a lot of laughs, a lot of games, a lot of smack-talk, a lot of looking at some awesomely-painted figures, and a lot of just... gaming stuff. It's always fun to talk with others who enjoy the gaming hobby as much as you do (or sometimes, their enthusiasm knows no bounds!). The show will be missed.

But we can always look back at the photos. We've put up a couple more galleries over on Facebook for you to check out.

People got an initial taste of Blood Rage, looking over the new game and all the cool figures.
That gallery is here.

Blood Rage

The March to Immortality tourney can get you closer to getting yourself put into Dark Age as a figure. It's a pretty awesome prize that you can win at Gen Con.
The gallery for the MTI can be found here.


Zombicide: Black Plague made it over $2mil over the weekend. Players got a first chance to try it out here at Expo. Many zombies were dispatched... but so were a lot of Survivors.
That gallery is here.


And last, but not least, yesterday there was a massive Infinity tourney. CMON Expo welcomes all forms of gaming and it was cool to see all those sci-fi figures and tables full of terrain here at the show.
The gallery for that is here.


Well, cleanup has begun. If I don't move soon, they'll take away my table, so this is signing off from CMON Expo 2015. We'll see you next year!