More Citadel Finecast samples

By tgn_admin
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May 27th, 2011

The What’s New blog on the Games Workshop website has a new post showing more samples from the new Citadel Finecast resin range including some comments on working with the new resin.

  • The image of the bending sword is really impressive (click on the Azhag pic), didn’t expect that from a resin mini.

    • cybogoblin

      That is impressive, though it does raise two questions.

      If the miniature is left in a bended position for an extended period of time (like in a carry case) will it have a permanent effect?
      If you bend the miniature after it has been painted will it cause the paint to crack?

  • Sisyphus

    Oooohh… secret sauce for their resin? Tell me, is it really THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING? Like that other company with the special sauce…

  • Mechanical.Horizon

    I decided to go to the GW store in Factoria, WA and check them out for myself.

    I bought 3 blisters and 1 box set and I must say I’m disappointed.

    Pics of the issues are here:

    God these look horrible. I really feel sorry for the guys I know in Lenton.

    • cybogoblin

      Bloody hell! I hope that’s not the new ‘normal’ for their models.

      Out of curiosity, can you still see the models inside the blister packs? Might be easier to find the less ‘flashy’ models, though this won’t help with models that come in boxes.

    • Mechanical.Horizon thats pretty bad… Why didn’t you return them?

    • Doc

      yea gods! That is worse than a cheap Chinese ripoff 🙂

      Hopefully they will replace it for you…

      Of course it does raise some question on the QA/QC process for these new models; at least with metal they throw the bad ones back in the pot, and with plastic into the grinder. I suspect there is pressure for lower tolerance models to get approved.

      • Zac

        Of course it does raise some question on the QA/QC process for these new models;

        It has been mentioned in a few other places but this appears to be the largest single release that GW has done ever and their moulding teams must have been running around the clock to cast this many different figures in GW’s quantities.

        I suspect that QA will be better in the future.

  • If GW can’t handel a large release of different figures: why dit they do it in the first place !
    It isn’t an excuse for a bad casting quality. After the big announcement being ‘the best miniatures manufactor in the world’ they make them now self pretty …
    Maybe this is a new GW systeme for regular bad cast and Limited nice cast miniatures, all for a special high price.

    But don’t worried: a little bid of magic glue fix all these gaps.

    • Zac

      It isn’t an excuse for a bad casting quality

      No it isn’t. Its a reason why some of these figs passed QA and QC when they shouldn’t have