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More Busted Stretch Goals and New Add-Ons for Zombicide

The Zombicide continues on. The Kickstarter campaign shot out of the gate with their over $1mil. While things have slowed down a bit (it pretty much had to, to be fair), there's still been several more stretch goals busted through, adding even more stuff to the box. Along with those, there's new add-ons available as well, including another couple Special Guest Artist Boxes.

The stretch goals add some more Survivors as well as a bunch more Zombies to the totals. Those boxes are going to be pretty stuffed with extras.

As for the add-ons,

Adrian Smith makes his return as a Guest Box artist. Along with him we have Gipi. Each one has four new Survivors that must make their way through the twisted streets and towers of Zombicide in order to make it out the other side. Speaking of those streets, for those that want larger games, or just extras in case something happens, you can pick up a Tile Pack with your Kickstarter order.

Still 24 days left to go in the campaign.