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More Bolt Action Soviets released

Warlord Games have expanded their range of 28mm Bolt Action Soviet miniatures and vehicles. Soviet Squad From their announcement:
The implacable advance of the Red Army continues as they are reinforced by more reinforcements. We now have Soviet Squad packs available to bolster the core of your army. Replete with PPsh SMGs and DP-28 LMGs the squad isn't to be trifled with. To give your brave comrades more punch against the panzers this 45mm anti-tank gun has been sent to the front. And last but not least you are able to place orders for a new self-propelled gun due to roll out of Tankograd soon - the SU-76. Our loyal comrades at Warlord Games have given greatly to Mother Russia's cause - free worldwide shipping for the rest of the month. Za Rodinu!