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More basing packs added to Great Escape Games webstore

Great Escape Games helps you make your bases stand out with the release of new basing packs in their webstore.

From the announcement:

We have nearly 130 different Mininatur basing packs in the webshop. New in are two-colour grass strips, more blossom strips, dead ivy, and more two-colour grass tufts. Treat your bases with a bit of love and go to basing section to see the whole range.

Standard packs come in strips with a size of approx 31 x 4.5cm. By combining a couple of packs of tufts of complimentary colours and, possibly, different sizes, plus another pack to contrast your first selections (such as flowers or blossom), you can really enhance the look of your bases beyond what static grass can do. Three packs should provide plenty of material to complete a decent sized army.

Thanks for looking.