More Additions to North Star Africa range

North Star Figures have added new miniatures to their North Star Africa range.

Matabele characters

From their announcement:

I have added new packs to the North Star Africa! range of Matabeles. They are two packs of characters.

Pack NSA1015 has four figures in. The first is a musician blowing a Kudo horn, used for passing signals to the Matabele Impis. The second is an Izinduna from the 1896 Rebellion. The third is a witch doctor and the fourth is a figure taken from a sketch of King Mzilikazi, founder of the tribe.

Pack NSA1016 is of King Lubengula, the Regent at the time of the Matabele War of 1893. The foot figure is taken from a contemporary sketch. The mounted figure was based on reports of Lubengula being a good horseman in his younger days, and in our wargames rules ‘Death in the Dark Continent’ there is an option to have a mounted chief for the Matabele. (A very useful thing).

On the subject of our rules ‘Death in the Dark Continent’, written by Chris Peers, the first print run has now sold out. As it is still very popular, we have reprinted it but changed the cover. So if you have the original version, don’t worry, this isn’t a second edition already. All the free downloadable army lists are still available on the Ruga Ruga Publishing page of the North Star website.

The Matabele are 28mm metal figures and priced at £5.00 a pack. The sculptor is Mark Sims of Crusader Miniatures and the painting is by Dave Woodward. USA customers can buy the Matabele from Lon at Brigade Games. UK show attendees look for Dave Thomas who has the range in stock. Death in the Dark Continent costs £14.00