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More 15/18mm Napoleonic Releases from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing expands their Napoleonic line with three new releases.

From the release:

New sculpts keep arriving all the time at Blue Moon and we have 3 more codes ready to go in our Napoleonic range.
Available from the French 1805 line are:
15NFT-123 Voltigeurs Skirmishing (15) figures $8.00
15NFT-124 Voltigeurs Skirmishing in Greatcoats (15 figures) $8.00
Russian 1802
15NRT-217 Pavlovski Grenadiers in Greatcoat with Command (31 figures) $15.00
This pack consists of 2 Standardbearers, 1 Sergeant, 1 Officer, 1 Drummer and 26 Troopers.