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More 10mm Modern vehicles from Pendraken

Pendraken Miniatures has increased their 10mm Modern Vehicles range with some new releases.


From the release:

Our first batch of Modern vehicles have been selling very well, so it's time for some more! This time we've got a nice selection of Soviet developed vehicles, some of them in use from 1950 right through to the present day.

We'll be continuing our Modern expansion with some more vehicles coming soon, and maybe some infantry in the distant future...

Modern Vehicles
MDV10 BTR-152 (Open top) £3.00
MDV11 BTR-152 (Armoured top) £3.00
MDV12 BTR-50PK APC £3.00
MDV13 BTR-50PU Command vehicle £3.00
MDV14 OT-62 TOPAS APC £3.00
MDV15 OT-62 TOPAS 2A APC with turret £3.00

More coming soon!