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More 1/600 ships from Old Glory Shipyard

More 1/600 ships from Old Glory Shipyard

Old Glory Shipyards have released an extensive list of new 1:600 scale Pre-Dreadnought ship miniatures.

From their announcement:

This new release of 1/600 scale ships in our Ironclads – 1870 through Pre-Dreadnought line of ships includes 7 Spanish ships that represent some of the main ships involved in the major actions of the Spanish American War.

  • IC950 Emperaddor Carlos V $20.00
  • IC951 Pelayo $20.00
  • IC952 Infanta Maria Teresa $20.00
  • IC953 Guiseppe Garibaldi $15.00
  • IC954 Reina Regente $15.00
  • IC955 Numancia $15.00
  • IC956 Reina Mercedes $15.00

The 7 new American Ships include some of the major American Cruisers and ships and some of the main battleships of the Spanish American War.

  • IC113 Brooklyn $20.00
  • IC114 New York $20.00
  • IC115 Illinois $20.00
  • IC116 Iowa $20.00
  • IC117 Olympia $20.00
  • IC118 Texas $20.00
  • IC119 Monterey $20.00
  • IC425 Naniwa / Takachiho $15.00

There is also 1 new ship in the Japanese line of ships. We will be adding more ships during the year and expanding the Spanish American line by including some of the smaller gunboats and torpedo boats. If you are an Old Glory Army member the discount will apply on these ships.