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Mor Deytahn Strike Squad Available To Order From Forge World

As Forge World continues their track away from giant Tau robots, they continue to work their way toward the Ravensguard new releases. This time they've got the Mor Deytahn Strike Squad as well as some new waterslide transfers. This is the "one shot, one kill" sniper squad in full power armor you've been looking for.

The squad comes with 5 models, armored in MkVI "Corvus" armor with the Ravensguard logo on the chest. They are armed with a sniper rifle and bolt pistol, with several grenades "just in case." They also have a head without a helmet, if that's your sort of thing.

As for the transfers, they're there to help your caffeine hands out with extra insignia and markings for your troops and vehicles.

Both can be ordered now and they'll ship out next Friday.