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Moor Visitors Expansion Available To Pre-Order For Viticulture

The folks over at Stonemaier Games are now taking pre-orders for a new expansion for Viticulture. Well, they're not taking the pre-orders themselves. The pre-order period is this week, but they want you to pre-order from various other shops in order to get a special price.

So, what is this Moor Visitors Expansion, anyway? Well, Uwe Rosenberg had been asked to create some cards for the Viticulture Essentials Edition. Originally, it was going to be 3 or 4 cards or so. It turned into 64 cards. That set has been whittled down a bit, to make sure all of the cards fit best with the game and are now their own expansion. The art for the cards is done by Beth Sobel.

As I mentioned above, Stonemaier is not taking pre-orders themselves. They are having people make pre-orders from their LGS as well as certain online sellers.