Monsterpocalypse Series 5 release details

Privateer Press have released details of the release options for the Monsterpocalypse Big In Japan expansion.

From their announcement:

Monsterpocalypse continues to rampage its way across table tops world wide and 2010 has plenty more monster smashing action coming its way with two big releases for everyone’s favorite monster CMG. In April Monsterpocalypse heads back to where it all began, the iconic city of Tokyo with Series 5: Big In Tokyo.

Monsterpocalypse Series 5: Big In Japan lives up to its larger-than-life name as the largest set of Monsterpocalypse ever released and features: 12 monsters, 3 limited landmark buildings, 5 standard buildings, 6 all-new character units, 8 rare units, 7 uncommon units, and 12 common units. Big in Japan will be available in Monster boosters (PIP 50027, MSRP $13.99) and Unit boosters (PIP 50028, MSRP $13.99).

In addition Big In Japan will also see the return of the immensely popular Mega Kit, first introduced with Monsterpocalypse Now, and fantastic Launch Kit. The Big In Japan Mega Kit (PIP 50031, MSRP $335.76) includes one case of both monster and unit boosters and a limited edition Mega Mechacthugrosh. The Big In Japan Launch Kit supersizes the Monsterpocalypse action and contains six Big In Japan Mega Kits and two limited edition Mega White Dajan figures for use in promoting the release of Series 5: Big in Japan in your store.