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Monster Rejects Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Monster Rejects is sort of at two ends of the spectrum in terms of a game. On one hand, it's a new spin on the old card game Crazy 8s. In that way, it's a game you could take home and play with Grandma and your little Nieces and Nephews at a family gathering. However, the artwork and style of the game are more suited for your college frat brothers.

At the start of the round, each player is dealt 8 cards. When it's your turn, you can play a Chaos card, if you wish. After that, you play a card from one of the four realms (suits) and can then either play other cards of the same number total, or other cards from the same realm that have a higher value. Pretty simple. Your objective is to get rid of all your cards.

The card game is about 4x funded over on Kickstarter with still 11 days left to go.

Note: As I mentioned above, a lot of the artwork is NSFW. Be warned before clicking.