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Monster Kart Mayhem Initial Funding Goals Met

Monster Kart Mayhem has made it up and over their initial goal on Kickstarter. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 17 days.
They were also on "Fund or Fail."


From the update:

Designer Jacob Wood appeared on the most recent episode of "Fund or Fail," a Google Hangouts show about crowdfunding projects.

In the interview, Jacob discusses Monster Kart Mayhem, a family-friendly kart-racing game, which is currently on Kickstarter.

Jacob talks about the campaign, why he's making the game, how it got started, his goals for the campaign, and why he chose to go with Fudge for the game's system, among other things.

Monster Kart Mayhem has met its $1,000 funding goal and is on its way toward its first stretch goal, which features the Mermaid Adventures setting as an adventure pack in the kart-racing game.