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Monster Allegiance Card Game Up On Kickstarter

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Good words to live by for many things in your life (I say "most" because "hey, I didn't punch through that brick wall the first time. Lemme try it again!" would be a place where you might want to not heed that advice). The guys at 3direction aren't trying to punch through a brick wall. They're looking to get funding for Monster Allegiance on Kickstarter. The relaunch of their campaign just got underway and hey! They've already passed their goal!

The game sees 2-4 players looking to control the majority of a horde of monsters. Though, being monsters, trying to control them is sort of like trying to herd cats. Monsters respect showings of force, so defeat a tough one to gain its respect and that of its followers. But be careful, because if your opponent can come and beat them as well, then the monster's allegiances will shift once more.

The campaign still has 30 days to go through as many stretch goals as they can.