MonPoc UberCorp International previews

The MonsterInsider blog has a new article looking at some of the new units for the UberCorp International faction in the upcoming Series 5 expansion for Monsterpocalypse.

From their website:

Though UCI has publicly labeled the gargantuan apes from the Congo a menace, their mecha-monster program would not exist if it weren’t for the nature-loving beasts. Even before the apes left their seclusion, the would-be mega corporation had begun gathering information about the secret society of primates.

Using stealth AI probes, UCI researchers collected DNA imaging data from the beasts. In the course of this research the scientists lost contact with one of the probes, which never made it back to UCI headquarters. There was no official investigation into the fate of the missing probe—no wonder, considering the amazing finds keeping the researchers occupied. One lab tech (speaking on terms of anonymity), however, believes it was destroyed by the very beast whose data it was sent to retrieve. That giant ape had caught the particular interest of UCI researchers early in their observations.