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Monolith Games Opens Pledge Manager for Conan

Kickstarters sometimes end up at rather inopportune times for people. Maybe you just backed another project you're really excited about, or maybe it falls in-between pay periods, or maybe you had some car repairs or something. Whatever the reason, perhaps you weren't able to get in on the campaign while it was running. Thankfully, there's when the Pledge Manager opens up and you have another chance to get in on things. Monolith Games has just opened up their pledge manager.

King Pledge

That giant column of things there is what you get for the King Pledge level. It's $45 more than the Barbarian pledge level. But considering it comes with 30 more minis, tiles, dice, and extra cards, I'd say that it's worth it.
Also, both do include stretch goals and exclusives that were part of the Kickstarter campaign.